What we do

Full Service Digital Creative Agency

Web Design

We have entered an era where your market presence can be determined by your online presence. Your website is indeed your corporate presence online and should be an integral part of your marketing strategy as well. An appropriate website for your business means guaranteed success in the near future. We at InfoTouch provide you with all the website design and development solutions that does not only look good on your gadgets, but reflect positive results on your business growth as well. Engaging your visitors and sharing your products and stories with them via your website is the word of the day. We create designs that contribute to your business.

Web Application

A beautiful design without strong content is simply a blank envelope, and a content that is not being managed is pile of papers not organized in ages. Content Management System allow you to take control of your website even when you are not a web developer or an IT professional. With easy to navigate administrative control, you can update your content in a matter of minutes without needing your webmaster every time around the corner. So become the new webmaster in town with the advanced yet simple to use Content Management System. It’s as easy as ABC. So stop waiting for your webmaster, ask us for CMS.


E-commerce web design is our leading service, providing small businesses and startups with a professional website and shopping cart solution. We're prepared to help your business or startup find a solution for the needs that best suit you.

Mobile Application

Ever wished that your website could adjust automatically according to the screen size of your beautiful Iphone 5 or the new galaxy s4? Or you want to show off your website that could perfectly adjust itself according to your IPad screen? Well here we are bringing you the concept of “Responsive Websites”. Your website will now be compatible on any gadget that you are equipped with and will display as if it was tailored for the device.


With every new website created, if it’s not available in search results on popular search engines, it doesn’t actually exist. What good is a website if you are the only one who knows about it? This is high profile SEO era and we are here to help you with building traffic that correspond to your needs as well.

Email Marketing

Perhaps the most cost effective manner in order to bring more sales to your charts or creating brand awareness in minimal period. But before you proceed with email marketing, you need to understand that sending in thousands of email doesn’t mean that the job has been done well, this will just identify you as a potential spammer or even a threat by various email providers. We at InfoTouch are highly qualified to design a concrete Email Marketing Solution for you. You can design best looking emails there, but are you sure that the receiver will be able to view it as you sent it to them? We assure you WTSWYS (What They See is What You Send).

Social Media

They say if you cannot be seen online, you may not be seen in the market. But if you cannot be seen on Social Media, you cannot be seen anywhere. InfoTouch has developed a strong sense of Social Media Integration by linking your website to your social media accounts. This guarantees your presence online as well as on social media. With few clicks, you will be live on almost every social media available out there without the need of visiting individual accounts and posting the latest updates, instead your website will do that for you in few seconds.

Indoor & Outdoor Production

Our company is an indoor and outdoor digital billboard service provider that specializes at out of home media advertising and point of place advertising. We offer our clients premium positioning, visibility and strong presence. Our productions services help companies grow market share and provide them with great exposure at the most cost efficient rates.


BizBahrain - an incisive, cutting edge business monthly, with a strong online presence. The magazine is known for its astute analysis of economic, business and industry matters, in depth interviews with decision makers and game changers, and extensive coverage of market events. With our team of highly qualified and experienced professionals we also take on contract publishing projects for local, regional and international blue-chip organizations and high net-worth individuals.

Public Relation

Our group company Stratford PR, part of Stratford Holding manages Public Relations for the group and for external clients. Our client list includes amongst others, bizbahrain, Capital Club, Control 4, Orchid Developers and EZ burger. We have capabilities for wide ranging scope of work, that includes press releases, distribution, media management, video interviews, press conferences, market research and crisis management.